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DD2 Lite rules PDF (15 Nov 2005 version) DD2 Male Charactersheet PDF
DD2 Lite rules PDF
Samaris PDF (15 Nov 2005 version)
The basic rules Character sheets, male and female A description of Samaris

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No more than a compendium, to be kept as such.

The French Invade Texas - DOWNLOAD

The French Invade Texas rulebook

It's been revamped!
A surprisingly historic role playing game, 80 pages of background, pd-artwork, system,
setting, examples, very historic but adventurous characters, and a full campaign of six episodes based on true events.

Santiago Joe and the treasures of Oblivion - DOWNLOAD -

Santiago Joe rpg FULL VERSION

A free, diceless, fast paced Role Playing? Game
Where you are the movie STARS and the WRITER-DIRECTOR
Of the many Adventure B-Movies of Oblivion
Movies that never were, but that you would have loved to see.

Enjoy them during college, your coffee break, when you can't sleep on the phone, while you're on the bus, or just when there's nothing on TV.

Review on The Free RPG BLOG

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Rob Lang on the free rpg blog somehow discovered Dark Dungeon? on the googoogle-twisted highways of the internet, and gave it a very sweet and positive review. Makes me kind of shy. But it also helps to rediscover my own old enthusiasm again. It seems positive feedback is unnervingly essential to carry on, even if you think you know what you're doing.

Ancient Review: "Star Wars"

Star Wars, The Roleplaying Game
first edition hardcover
by Greg Costikyan
1987 West End Games

What Tolkien did for Fantasy, Star Wars in a way did for Science Fiction. Or Science Fantasy, more properly, because Star Wars is not exactly hard core Sci Fi, with it's religious Jedi knights waving their light sabres driven by the mystic “Force”. It's a special kind of Science, obviously. And maybe that is partly why the movies became such a phenomenon.

Play Dark Dungeon by Forum

Interactive fantasy writing also hit the Yaddrin? - Dark Dungeon? universe. The Funny Farm has opened a special forum for their written adventures taking place in Yaddrin. For now, the focus of the moderators is on the rich city of Brugghes?, and the spinoff Inner Worlds. If you want to have a peek, or even want to join in the writing, take a look at:

Ancient Review: "Call of Cthulhu"

Call of Cthulhu
boxed set (Games Workshop edition, UK market)
by Sandy Petersen
1981, 1986 The Chaosium

Many horror stories don't end well for their heroes. Many Call of Cthulhu games also don't end well for their heroes. The heroes die, turn into monstrosities, or most often they just go completely and utterly insane because of what they have seen. In that respect the Call is a successful attempt to turn horror into role playing.


First Edition Boxed Set, Games Workshop version (UK market)
by Steve Perrin, Ray Turney and friends
1980 The Chaosium

Certainly in the days the game was published, its cover was sure to draw a boy's attention. And a girl's attention too, maybe. The lady on the cover is not only beautiful and fighting a vicious lizard, she is also hardly wearing anything. Yes, she does wear a helmet and some scant armour, but I would not want to go into combat in her clothes. Then again, she is very nice to look at. I see now she even wears make up. Hm.